It’s not always easy to wait. We are waiting on the mud to dry to load up the trailer. We are waiting till Monday to see if we have indeed found the right vehicle. We are waiting on the promised upgrade for our room. It is important to remember that waiting can be frustrating or it can be seen as a time of rest and listening. If there is nothing you can do about a certain situation then roiling it over and over in your mind, talking about it incessantly won’t help and being impatient is certainly going to get you nowhere. One thing I’ve learned in the length of time I’ve been in the ministry is that waiting can be very productive when you are listening for Abba’s voice. You might say but I don’t hear Him. That doesn’t mean He is not talking. Perhaps you are not listening in the right way. He might be speaking through someone that seems like an unlikely vessel for the Creator of the Cosmos to speak through. He might use a song (gasp: might not even be a Christian song). He could use a sign (these can be so various I can’t give you an example) or some other means. For me He uses all of the above and more. Yesterday a Cardinal landed in front of us on a sidewalk trail and sat looking at us, for those who know the red bird signs in my life this will instantly be significant, for me it was a kiss from Abba. Then I asked for a specific scripture about the vehicle we are looking at and low and behold this morning my Beliefnet Scripture was bang on. If you are wondering which one it is ask for divine revelation (ha) or you could message me.  Waiting is good when you are holding the hand of the one you have chosen to spend your life with. Waiting is great when the One you are waiting with is Abba. So today we wait with expectancy and enjoyment for the day set before us.


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