The Ultimate Grace Point

When Abba is your grace point it is the ultimate point of grace. We know that Abba is always looking out for us that He sent Yeshua to bring the lost home and Yeshua promised to never leave us or forsake us. Yeshua accomplishes this through His Spirit. While we know He is ever with us there are seasons where His presence is manifest or made visible. I do believe that can mean that He appears to us in a vision or even in a physical form but what I mean at this time by His appearance is the ability to see His hand moving circumstances and situations. The hard part about this for us is with many events happening around us we may be zoning in on the wrong situation.

Today when I was praying I saw something that instantly brought a thought pathway to the forefront. My inspired thought was, we are often placed in narrow places in order to have our attention focused on the one thing that is truly important at that moment in time.

We have been in a season with many variables, so many roads to take, so many choices and no clear way blazed ahead. We are in new territory physically and ministerially. We have taken many roads as we have traveled some I wished we had avoided especially Interstate 5 between Pasadena and Bakersfield (it has been put on a ‘never again’ list), Interstate 40 through the Mojave…others have been unavoidable in order to get from where we are to where we are going. We are thankful to have made it through them all with His help and grace. Our goal has been to follow His leading to grace points, points where we can do good as Yeshua and further the good news of His Kingdom. We have had many amazing encounters and have even seen His healing touch. We have with His help touched many lives bringing hope and spreading love. We have made lasting friends in churches, in the streets, in restaurants; we have found friends among street people, foreign visitors, and workers. We have attempted to bless and have been blessed in return by our many encounters. Yet none of these can compare to not only ‘knowing’ scripturally He is with us but knowing by seeing as He has perfected all that concerns us.

I can’t go into the many sights of grace in this writing (read about many in but I can say as our travels have taken a familiar turn (pastoring a church again) I am beginning to see how we’ve been living The Ultimate grace point, encountering Him. There are times I have stressed over making sure I’ve been alert and sensitive to those in need around me no matter how unlovable they appear or act. I’ve walked countless steps in order to make sure that I covered the most territory possible in order not to miss one who would be open to the good news and prayer. I have not wanted to disappoint Abba or take for granted His grace knowing that I’ve freely received and am not just obligated but blessed to freely give to others the opportunity to know Yeshua and His great sacrifice for us all. I have learned that I have allowed myself to stress to the point of losing sight of The Ultimate grace point.

We’ve had challenges, we’ve been disappointed and we’ve had struggles but the last couple of potential ‘disasters’ have indeed narrowed my vision which broadened my understanding. I know all things work for good when we are called to His purpose, I know that He perfects that which concerns me, however I was missing ‘the’ point. I want to go on record that I know I will receive even more revelation about this season but am sharing what I know to be what He was patiently showing me at this time.

The narrowing: we literally had a narrow road to travel and it was narrowed even more by construction which caused a one lane passage. We had stopped about thirty miles before this point to get gas and I had walked around the Tahoe and trailer looking and checking and everything looked fine. When we got to the stopping pointing at the one lane area Dave noticed smoke coming from one of the back tires and thought the brake was what was smoking as soon as we got through the one lane area we found a wide spot to pull over in front of a small roadside store. We have two roadside services and after a few hours it became evident that neither were going to come through for us for a couple of days. A guy and his wife pulled up and came over to see what was up. The gentleman was a trucker and said it looked like the bearings were shot and we should not drive it. I was speaking to the wife and found out they were from McKinleyville where we were headed. He husband came over and she shared what was up with us taking a church in McKinleyville and he wanted to know where it was and then said they might just show up in church. I have to say at least GoodSams did call a trooper to come to our aid. The owner of the store allowed us to park the trailer behind a defunct station. This was accomplished while Trooper Wong blocked the road for us to swing out and move it and actually had to jump us off since the Tahoe battery had died from keeping the lights and trailer going. While Dave was dealing with stuff I talked to Trooper Wong and he repeated said it was a good thing that if we had to break down we had done so there since we had cell service and the availability to pull over. He also stayed till we were sure everything was okay and went to thank the owner for allowing us to park behind the building. He was sweet, reassuring and a blessing to us. We headed out and on the way we attempted to get a hotel that was dog friendly, time after time we were told they were full. Finally we got a Motel 6 in Eureka which would not be our place of choice but we needed a room. We arrived and ran and got philly’s at a shop we had been to before and liked. After eating we decided to run to Walmart to get shampoo (Motel 6 are not amenities friendly) and a blanket (they wouldn’t give us another one) since I stay cold. We parked in front of the Mall where the Walmart sign was and walked in the doors. We walked to Walmart which was down the way a bit and while in the store the load speaker came on saying the mall doors were now locked. We asked how to get out and they said the back doors which meant walking around the mall to the front where the Tahoe was parked. It was dark and we were carrying a couple of bag and having heard some say they didn’t shop there because the back part of the mall tended to be dangerous we were hurrying. We made it to the front and I was looking for where the Tahoe was and caught my left foot on something and crashed on my face. My dentures broke and blood was pouring from my mouth. A lady nearby ran over with a wad of tissues to help. Dave helped me to my feet and I unsteadily walked to the Tahoe. Long story I cleaned up as much as possible and laid down. I knew the adrenaline was wearing off when my legs began to shake uncontrollably. My nose was triple its normal size, my face swollen and skinned under my left eye and my upper lip swollen and ground up inside. I was aware that I might have a concussion so I kept vigilant guard on my physical state. These two events seemed to be the ‘over the top’ for us at this time. I however was supremely thankful for how Abba had perfected that which concerns us. It would be easy to be stuck in the whys. Why did we have to break down 100 miles from our destination, why did I want to go to Walmart, why did I not pay more attention…However I focused on the how gracious He had orchestrated the events which were not good and knew Him well enough to know that He would somehow, at some point bring good out of it. I was grateful to be safe and didn’t have to go to the ER after the fall.

Sunday I didn’t go to church due to swelling, no teeth and needing to take it easy. The miraculous became evident at the get go on reflection of the situation after a good night’s rest. Yes, I said good night’s rest, I slept with no issue on a wounded face. I had no headache, no pain except what any scrape would have. The swelling was still crazy despite having sat with ice on it several hours the night before. I had two small scrapes on my left wrist, nothing else. How my arms and knees and ribs for that matter were unaffected, not even sore; my nose was not broken nor was my cheek fractured, in fact the only thing broken was the dentures.

Monday Dave got up early to drive back to the trailer and prepared to deal again with insurance and roadside assistance. He called me after a couple of hours and said that the roadside wanted to have it towed back south to a town which would place the trailer over three hours from us. Dave asked if he could find someone to come from the north and tow it that way would they allow it, the answer was no. The insurance was unhelpful as well saying we couldn’t find someone ourselves, they didn’t do things that way. Dave said forget it. He had me check online and find someone closer to us to come and get it, I gave him a number and he realized it was someone who a gentleman in the church had suggested. Dave called Mr. Leroy who was willing to work with our insurance plans but failing that he assured Dave he would help us. When Dave called him back that it was all a no go with the insurance he told Dave not to worry about it, he would come and fix it and bring it to Eureka and would only charge for parts and labor not the trip over and the hauling it back. He then told Dave not to wait around but to go on home; he assured Dave he knew where the trailer was and the gentleman who owned the property. What a tremendous relief. Dave got back six hours after he began and we were able to get things done here. When Leroy called he said it was fixed and back at his shop. He also said we had done just right not coming any further or there would have been more than bearing damage. He also checked the other wheels and everything was good to go. He assured us he would keep it at his shop till in the morning when it would be easier to pick it up and take it to the church to set up. Wow from a possible axle damage, hundreds of dollars to tow it, and having to go hours away to pick it up we are 12 miles from the church and didn’t have to even drive it through the narrow winding roads. You may not think that this was all a miracle but having never met Mr. Leroy, and the stress of how, when, where the trailer was going to end up to having the perfect ending to a break down; I call that a miracle. I call that the ultimate grace point, everywhere I look I see Abba’s grace, Yeshua’s hand and Ruach’s leading. We’d prayed for favor, for wisdom, for help and got the trifecta and more. I would have loved to have had a celestial being show up and tell us what to do or for it all to have gone away but Abba’s plan, His calling is perfect. You see here at the Motel 6 the first night right after falling I met a lady who was reading on the stairs right in front of our door. I had a wrecked face, no teeth and felt wiped out but I started a conversation. I asked what she was reading, told her about our break down and how I’d fallen. Later that night Dave opened the door, and she was outside again and waved. Today I saw her outside and she asked how it was going with the trailer. I shared what had just happened with Mr. Leroy and took off my sunglasses and showed her my face and how much better it looks. She looked at me and said, ‘”Thank you for sharing that story, God bless you.” I plan on looking for her before we leave and praying with her.

Our grace points: the couple from McKineleyville, Trooper Wong, Gary, the owner of the store, the girls who worked there, the lady at Walmart who brought me the tissues to staunch the blood, the lady on the stairs, a worker behind the desk at the hotel, Mr. Leroy; each of these heard our testimony of Abba’s grace.

The Ultimate grace point Abba’s visible presence in our circumstances. He narrowed my way in order for me to broaden my outlook opening my eyes to Him to His goodness more than the struggles. He has given me another testimony of grace to share for if none of this had happened how many of these people might have slipped by without seeing Him through my eyes.

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  1. His Grace is Always Enough!


  2. I just found the your site. I am blessed by your encouragement and am thankful your doing good.God bless you and both and your ministry


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