His Footsteps our Pathway

We are at a stopping place for a moment; though we look to the future there are times when it is good to look back with a thankful heart. We are thankful that Abba has led us to the now trusting Him to lead us to tomorrow. When Abba laid on our heart to take the journey to California we answered the call and it seemed like a whirlwind of events began. We bought the trailer and then returned to Muleshoe to sell 95% of our belongings, once this was accomplished we returned to Central Texas to find a vehicle to pull the trailer. The second place we went had a Tahoe (I really didn’t want a truck) which appeared to fit our needs and our budget. We decided to wait a  couple of days till Monday to make the final decision and to allow them time to have the vehicle inspected, it had just come on the lot as a trade in. Monday we went back and bought the Tahoe. Abba had told me concerning the trailer He not only was giving us good but He was doing better and best; with the Tahoe He told me what was good was best for us. I understood Him to mean that the Tahoe might not have all the hoots and whistles but in the end I knew He was saying this one would be the best for us. There were a few issues with the Tahoe (a gauge which didn’t work) that due to Dale Conway’s persistence was dealt with and extra done all way below two estimates and accomplished in twenty minutes. After the gauge was dealt with we packed up and took out. I know this will sound crazy but we didn’t have the journey mapped out, we had not decided upon stopping places beyond the first one in Junction which was only a short hop since it was the first time Dave would be pulling the trailer. You heard right we took off without a practice run or having the journey all planned out. Junction as I have written was a blessing all around it was tempting to stay an extra day just to get more acquainted with the setup and tearing down aspect of pulling the trailer, but we got up and got on the road. We decided to head as far as Van Horn since Mr. Walt in Junction had suggested it as a good place to stop. On the way I called an RV park and asked if they had a space, they said yes, they had one left so we took it. Next we pulled out and made it to Deming deciding to stop due to the horrific crosswinds, again they had a spot that Dave could pull into without problems. We had thought to stay an extra day since the wind was supposed to be as bad as the day before; Dave however got up and since the wind had not started yet we packed up and in thirty minutes were on the road. We passed through lots of construction, went through Tucson and made it to Eloy, Az. I need to pause and say at each RV park we choose we picked them off the internet and called a few hours before we knew we were going to stop and not one said they were too full for us to have a pull through spot. We did stay in Eloy for a couple of days to do laundry and enjoy meeting several people there. We then went to Ehrenberg on the Colorado river and stayed the weekend so we could go to church. Again we choose Ehrenberg and called to secure a spot just a few hours before getting there. We had looked at the map and thought to go toward LA even though the traffic would be heavier but it was suggested by Dan that we go up the Needles HWY and hit I 40 and come across to Bakersfield. We decided on the spur of the moment to follow this advice and though I hated the stretch through the Mojave and the crazy mountains, we made it fine, the Tahoe pulling the trailer easily through the mountains. When we entered Chowchilla we saw friends who walked to the RV park to greet us. Later as we walked around the RV park (it’s a small one) I introduced myself to an elderly lady who suddenly said, ‘I recognize you.’ Seems she had been in the services we had spoken at here and was new to Pentecost; she had questions which I told her I would be glad to talk to her about and pray with her. What I would like for you to see with this lengthy writing is you really can get up everyday, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. I look back and think. ‘were we crazy, we did not plan out this journey at all. Dave hadn’t driven the Tahoe more than a week much less try out pulling a trailer.’ I admit if someone else told me they had done what we just did I might think they were crazy. Yet here we are, two thousand miles from where we first started. Dave did a wonderful job driving. We met some great people. We have learned a lot on this whirlwind journey. Perhaps the greatest thing accomplished through it all is we with certainty have seen and proved, that Abba is faithful and when He calls and you follow, He really directs your path. He has kept us safe, He is with us and now we look back with thanks and look forward with anticipation.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading all your beautiful updates! This one spoke to me a lot today. Love you guys and thankful for the teaching you instilled in us.


  2. We love you and are thankful to have spent time with you and your hubby. Love you both.


    • Thanks, I liked this blog post. I found this post using Bing search, and certainly liked skimming through it, so I’ll probably stumble through again within a few days and read up on what’s new (: Great Post!VA:R_U [1.9.20_1166]VA:F [10.2.9_1166](from 0 votes)


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