Targeting Grace

We had plans for a quick trip to Walmart to grab a few things and then head back to the RV Park; Abba however had different plans. Dave mentioned we could leave early and breakfast at Panera Bread and I thought about it for about two seconds and acquiesced since it was His idea. It was a perfectly beautiful day cool, sunny, cool a welcome change from the 110 degrees we’ve seen recently so we sat out on the patio and ate. While Dave was refilling his coffee I walked around the parking lot a bit and when he came out he asked if I wanted to take a stroll across the mall parking lot. If you know how much I love to walk then you know he didn’t have to ask me twice so we set out. I had thought about walking through the mall but we decided that it was too nice out to not walk outside. We were coming to the end of the lot and I spied a Target which I did not know was on the other side of the mall and we decided since we had not been in that one to step in and see what they had for sale. We ended up getting more than we anticipated and as we were checking out I remembered the Tahoe was in the Panera parking lot and asked Dave if he wanted to go get it so we didn’t have to carry the bags that far. He said we could manage and I was game so we left the store and at the edge of the Target parking lot we saw a guy pull into the lot, jump out and head toward us. He began to apologize profusely for even asking us for help. He stated over and over that he was not homeless and didn’t normally ask for help but his wife had just had a flat tire and he needed a bit of cash to get to her as fast as he could. All the while he was praying, out loud asking Jesus for help and thanking Him when Dave got out his billfold. I know if you are skeptical you might think he was just conning us but I know a real prayer when I hear one. I admit that many homeless will use the ‘God bless you’ because it does engender more help from Christians but I also know not all of them use it as a con either. This gentleman’s prayer of ‘”thank you Jesus” over and over again blessed me beyond what I can express. After he pulled away Dave looked at me and said if this gentleman had only known that we help homeless people all the time, he could have just told us he was homeless instead of trying to convince us he wasn’t. I trust his wife was safe till he got to her to help her with the tire. Dave and I went on to Walmart to finish our shopping. It wasn’t till later that I thought of how Ruach had led us so we could be where we had no plans to be in order to help another believer. I admit it didn’t take an act of heaven for us to go to Panera but the walk after and ending up in Target wasn’t something that was usual for us, in fact I don’t think I’ve been in a Target since being in California. Seeing how He orders our steps (we do pray for gracepoints on a continual basis) encourages me that when we or one of our loved ones are in need He will ‘target’ us by leading someone in a path they had not planned to go.

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