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Witnessing Demystified

Sometimes I think church teaching about witnessing has complicated the process to the point of actually keeping people from witnessing. There are several methods that are taught where you need to memorize Scriptures in a certain order and use them to birth someone into the kingdom. This often leads many Christians down the path of “I don’t know enough Scripture to witness” thus causing them to not even try. I am not anti-Scripture but if you are witnessing to someone who is unchurched do these methods really work? I know some people use the Scripture that His word does not return void and will accomplish what He purposes it for (Is. 55), there is power in His word but bullet pointing verses might not be the best way to introduce someone to Him especially when you start with ‘All have sinned’. If this is your method and it works for you and you are comfortable using it please keep on; the purpose is to be an effective witness not follow a certain method. I prefer to use Jn 3:16 using His desire to save by His Son’s sacrifice. It helps that this Scripture is familiar to most people. I then often ask if they know that they are loved. Many will say yes, but I follow up with “do you really know how much you are loved”. This often causes people to tear up or even burst into tears; love is a universal language and covers a multitude of sins. People need to know how much they are loved. Back to Is 55 verse three and four where it says the Lord has made a covenant because of David to display sure mercies and has made David’s life a witness. You could share David’s story but what about yours? We each have a story, we each have a witness; it does not have to be memorized or formalized, you lived it just share it. I don’t have any big ‘sin’ stories to share in my life but I have stories of being kept from…I have been healed three times of deadly conditions. I have experiences storms real and emotional. I can share how He kept me in perfect peace, delivered me from death, showed me the way when I didn’t know where to go…on and on it goes. I don’t share every story with everyone but trust the Ruach haKodesh (the Holy Spirit) to help me share the one which will impact the person I am speaking to the most.

Have you ever thought about volunteering to work visitation at a Funeral Home before? People that come into funeral homes are in need of comfort, hope, an overcoming witness. I have stood and cried with strangers at the side of the casket, then gone on to share with them the greatest Comforter of all time.

How about doing hospital visitation? I don’t mean just limiting yourself to people in your church or people you know but getting the okay to hand out flowers to each room and see where it can go. I was fortunate to be a chaplain in a hospital for quite a while It would amaze you how open people are to someone who just wants to show love. Don’t go in with the main goal to witness, go in and just be the witness; caring enough to go into a strangers room with a bit of cheer is a witness. You are the witness when you go in love more than any words you could possibly speak. Yes, there may be hard questions, they may be bitter or angry with Abba; you may not know how to answer and please don’t give out any pat answers to someone who is in need of His comfort more than your wisdom. It is okay to say, “I don’t know the answer to that but I know One who cares”.

How about a laundry mat? You may have a washer and dryer at home but once a month take a load to the local laundry mat and go prepared to bless someone by paying for their laundry to be done that day. You may wonder why you need to take a load yourself, it is to give you a reason to hang around a bit and not look like a stalker. There is a guy in G’town who goes periodically with balloons and a puppet and helps out mothers by entertaining their children while they are dealing with the laundry. He has permission of course to do so by the manager.

Think out of the box, think what would bless you or someone you know and then do it for a stranger.

This morning I was going to do laundry at the RV Park we are in and there was a couple making coffee in the laundry room. They told me they had gotten permission to do so by the manager since they were in a tent and their camp stove had gone out. We chatted a bit and I put my laundry in and then headed back to the trailer. I had prayed for a gracepoint this morning to come my way and I sudden thought I had banana bread. I grabbed a couple of little loaves and headed back to the laundry room and offered them the bread. They were very grateful. It was a small act of kindness that was easily in my ability. Did you ever think when Yeshua turned the water into wine; He did not follow up the act with a sermon or homily. He met a need, not a life threatening need; a party need which impacted many including us today.

Don’t judge your acts of kindness, don’t limit them to grand gestures or measure them by how far the witness goes. You may be planting a seed, or watering one that was already planted by showing kindness; it is wonderful to reap but reaping only comes as a result of planting and watering.

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