IMG_20160311_152146308 snakesThis past few days have felt like playing cards. How’s that you might ask? It has consisted of shuffling things from one storage area to another and then doing it again and again. The first unpack consisted of merely getting things into the trailer and out of the way. The next one was to find out where everything was and what might fit better in a different place. So it went until the last shuffle when it was more about accessibility to things that we would need to access on a daily basis and what we might need but not necessary often.

So it seems with life, we set goals and strive to achieve them only to find out that on a daily basis things change and we must shuffle our time, our plans and even goals. Children cause us to do a major shuffle, losing a job placement in a certain field may cause us to rethink our entire career goal, maturing into a very different person than the youngster who first felt a passion for a certain ideal only to find that we are the ones who have changed also causes shuffling. In the midst of all this shuffling we must have some constants. Abba’s will must be taken into daily account it can’t be merely a long term goal of safely making it to the other side. If we are going to be intentional about grace points we must seek daily for opportunities to receive His grace and then extend it to all who we meet. Some will accept it gladly, others may shun us or make fun of us but grace spaces (points where His grace touches flesh) must be available and accessible daily, hourly, every second of every day. Dave and I are striving to keep focused on the spiritual side of this journey while dealing with the everyday needs of living and traveling. We have found great grace along the way in the form of different people. Our path of getting equipped would not have been so easy if it were not for Chuck and Carrie Borst who clued us in on all the things we would need to get up and running. Chuck not only clued us in but did the work in hooking up the Tahoe with the right devices that we would need to make it tow ready. Carrie researched and help expedite much of what and where we would need to go to get the right equipment. This was all done in the midst of their busy life dealings. Then there are those who have stepped up with financial support, without you we would not be able to do what we are doing right now.

Here we are shuffling along, getting things done looking forward to the day when we move to the harvest field that He has called us to. We look for the day when natural issues are settled as much as possible and we can major on the call, till then we are gracepoints wherever we are, wherever we go to whoever we meet.

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