Resurrection Day

Dave and I debated when to leave Central Texas to head toward our destination and it seemed no way around it but to leave on Easter Sunday. We were thrilled that Jacob, Sarah, William, Harrison and Scarlett came for a visit on Sat. so we were glad we had not left earlier. We really didn’t want to miss going to services but I had prayed for grace points and Abba certainly came through. We decided to take only a short hop since it would be Dave’s first time to really pull the trailer very far so we headed for Junction. Arriving at the RV park Ms. Bobbi basically said we could pick our spot so we did. This park is in a Pecan Grove on the Llano River and is lovely. We pulled into our spot and here came Mr. Walt on his golf cart to help us out. He helped steer Dave into exactly the right position to get maximum results and to make sure the slide out cleared everything. He also helped us give our sewage system a good wash out. Mr. Walt was a true God send. Seems he helped build Jayco trailers back in the day and knew a whole lot about them and clued us in on so much. Dave continued with the setup and I got a chance to really chat with Mr. Walt. When he found out that we were A/G ministers he told me his Dad had wanted to be an A/G minister but was just too shy. Then we began to really talk about Abba and His goodness. He told me about his back being healed after a major wreck when no doctor would touch him for fear of making it worse. I told him about my healings. Then he told me his wife of 10 years (their previous spouses had died) was at the point of death and was ready to give up when God told her, ‘I’m not ready for you yet, you can’t come, now fight’. So fight she did to recover and although she has issues she is healed from that infirmity. By this time Dave was basically through the setup so I asked Mr. Walt if Ms. Bobbi would mind if I went up to their place and prayed with her. He said that would be great. I walked up to the office and she met me on the porch, I shared with her about my healings and how Mr. Walt had told me of her healing and now other issues. We prayed together, cried together and before long Mr. Walt joined us and we cried and talked some more. I realized that I had not missed an Easter Service after all, there had been more than two or three, there had been four of us and all of heaven on that campground. Mr. Walt told me we would be successful in our new endeavor because we knew how to be genuine and not ‘religious’, and people would be drawn to us because of it. Later Dave and Gabe chilled in the trailer and I walked the river’s edge listening to nature, and praising our Creator for His sending His Son, I thanked Yeshua for His willingness to die and the Spirit for raising Yeshua’s body from the dead. I reveled in the flowers, the turtle swimming in the river and the deer peacefully grazing the fields. I envisioned one day when the lion would lay down with the lamb, when we would find the true peace of living in creation without the curse. This Pecan Grove for me Easter Sunday was about a close as I could get to that feeling. We had truly walked into a grace point moment when heaven touched earth and four people wept and laughed together marveling at Abba’s mercy and His beauty. And by the way this was the last week Mr. Walt and Ms. Bobbi were going to be at the campground because they are retiring. Right place, right time, right people.


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