Prayerful Grace

There are times to walk the streets, to sit in church or sit and soak in His presence. Then there are season when you are called to hide away for a bit in order to intercede. It seems recently that we have been inundated by prayer request and desperate situations. Literally there have been days when we barely get finished praying for a request when the next one comes in, then followed by another. Prayer has many facets, it is a way to communion with Abba, to seek wisdom, to bring about a break through, to touch the lives of others and a method of warfare. If we are honest warfare is probably a part of each facet for prayer will always find resistance. Some resistance is merely fleshly but no less deadly to prayer. We are tired, we are stressed, we are feeling inadequate these all keep us from an overcoming prayer. Then there is the insidious plot of the enemy which can be masked because he uses the fleshly reasons against us and we can’t seem to drag ourselves out of it because we have failed to comprehend that a master manipulator is behind it all. If the fleshly issues are circumvented then we may come under an overt direct attack which sadly many have never learned to deal with. Methods may inform us of the hows and how tos but ultimately methods are useless if we don’t have a personal experience in using them. We could use a mentor but at least in my life they have been few and far between. There is One however who we can follow by example; Yeshua. His prayer life was phenomenal while on the earth and continues even though He is positionally seated at Abba’s hand of power. We are all beneficiaries of His prayer and determination to blaze a trail for all to follow. His prayer to send us the Spirit in order to give up a hand up in following His lead is a gift beyond measure. Both Yeshua and Ruach haKodesh (the Holy Spirit) stated emphatically that they only did what they saw Abba do and only spoke according to His will.

One of the greatest obstacles I’ve seen in Christian’s lives is praying in the will of the Father. Think about how many prayers you’ve prayed which were reflections of your own will; your will may not have been from a wrong intent but not being all knowing we fall short in seeing the big picture more often than not. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed and suddenly recognized that I was not praying according to what had been revealed as His will. One way I have of realizing that what I am praying is not in His perfect will is when I realized that I couldn’t say, “In Yeshua’s name”, at the end of the prayer. I have realized this in frivolous prayers where I came to understand that His sacrifice shouldn’t be ‘wasted’ on such trivial issues. It doesn’t mean He’s not concerned with all that concerns us but a realization that I could deal with the issue or I could pray about the situation with the addendum that I was making a request which I could not say I knew was His perfect will but was something I wanted. He is a good Father and gives me so much I don’t want to take it for granted. He blesses but for me to fight for a want would be a waste of prayer finding out what He wants and aligning myself with His will is the only way to pray. When I align myself with confidence in His will, I do know that I’ve been heard and it’s a ‘done deal’.

I suppose what I’m trying to relate here is many things stymie our prayer life, some are serious attacks others are merely a lack of knowledge and a supreme waste of time. I hate wasting time. I often spend nights awake in prayer how frustrating it would be if I thought I had been wasting time, not getting adequate rest…in praying my will. I love being a part of answered prayer because I was aligned with Him. I delight when He trust me to pray for a place I’ve never heard of or a person I don’t know and then get confirmation of a need that I had no idea was there. Praying for His will on earth is not merely a part of a well-known prayer it is a heart attitude, a comprehension that He has a will in all things, He is working things for good and we need to be saying ‘good’ prayers, blessing and not cursing, loving enough to cover that multiplicity of sins. Study Yeshua’s prayer life, ask Ruach to help you follow His example and listen for Abba’s heartbeat; you will then begin to see that the effective, fervent prayer of a right hearted person does indeed avail much!

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