Pertinent Questions of Grace

There are times revelations from the Spirit seem to come in concise thoughts or a vision which unfolds direction, instruction or wisdom which is needed in one’s life at that moment. These moments seem to come in one encounter. Then there are those times when the needed info seems to unfold slowly over time and if one is not careful you could miss the impact of these seemingly unconnected moments. It is possible that it happens this way become we have been too distracted or too impatient to wait for the full impartation or it could possibly be that the Spirit is connecting seemingly disparate occurrences in our lives as they unfold naturally; sort of a ‘show and tell’. I do know that He often works within our personality predilections and I am convinced that He is determined to speak to us hence He employs various methods in which to do so. I recently wrote about Dorrie who when in a time of need asked the question, “How is it that you are here?” This question had been surfacing over and over in my consciousness and I thought I had a handle on what He was saying, that is until He brought a similar question to me last night. This time the questioner was a Dominican pastor living on the French island of Guadalupe. We sat at the table in his home enjoying a meal together when Pastor Aubrey said, “Why are you here?” This is a question I had always dreaded being asked due to the proclivity of Americans to exhibit an entitled attitude toward the ‘poor little people of other countries’. Many American mission trip participants seem to think that they are going to Third World countries as the enlighteners bringing civilization to the uneducated. It is often an Americanized Gospel which is being purported not the Biblical one. I am not saying this is always the case but sadly all too often mission trips are more about what they do for the team going on the trip, instead of for the sake of the country and people being gone to. “Why are you here?” A question which tends to make me feel defensive. Before I could answer this question I looked up at Pastor Aubrey and saw tears in his eyes and he continued, “Why are you here? No one comes here.” It seems we were the first ‘white’ people who had ever come to visit their church. They had been left on their own to make it as best as they could with no guidance or support.

“How is it that you are here? Why are you here?” Pertinent questions we need to not only have an answer for but to ask ourselves on a regular basis to make sure we still know the answer. Many Christians seem to be more interested in the ‘by and by, when we get out of here’. Others are just trying to fly under the radar not stir up too much demonic interest in their doings. Sadly there seem to me to be many who think they are here to judge anyone who is different from them. They can’t abide anyone who doesn’t believe the same way they do and for them the gospel has become ‘my way or the hell way’. You would think that we would have learned from the Sadducees and Pharisees and other groups which dissected Judaism into factions which seemed to answer the question “why are you here” with to spread our spin on the Scripture. There are immutable truths in the Scripture and we should trust in the truth however we should never be too comfortable thinking we have a handle on the ‘whole truth and nothing but our way is the truth’.

Back to the pertinent questions: How and why are we here?

These question could have broad implications and they have very personal ones as well. Why are we as a body of believers here at this time? Could it be to save America, become healthy, wealthy and wise, hang on till we get out of here…? I prefer to look to the words of Yeshua and for this writing to boil it down to a few core commands. “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men”; these words spoken to the disciples stand true for us as disciples of The Way. Follow for me means there is a path that He has chosen for our lives and following His leading will equip us to be harvesters of humanity, builders of the family, those who help the lost become the found. “Go and make disciples…” this is a call not merely to follow but to go on His command and once there become teachers, examples of how people can come to follow Him.

The How and Why is also bound up in attitude. Yeshua said if a person has thought it in their heart; they have done it. You may speak words of life but if death is in your heart, judgement is ruling you actions your efforts are vain. We are to love in word and deed; a heartfelt, spirit–led verbiage and action taken to reach the world with the good news of Yeshua’s mission to bring Abba’s children home.

Why are we here? To be conformed in Yeshua’s image shining forth to the lost the One who is the Way, Truth and Life.

How are we here? The grace of our Heavenly Father, the sacrifice of His Son and through the power of His Spirit we are here to accomplish the original mission; humanity in Abba’s image, living in communion with Him, tending this world as He commanded.

There are many other truths but until we get the basics down I do not feel impelled to expound further. The other Hows and Whys which are personal to each of us need to be explored in prayerful times of listening. If you have ears to hear, time to hear what the Spirit is saying.

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