Opportune Grace

I have been errant in posting on the website due to exhaustive busyness; lest you judge me, the busyness is necessary when jumpstarting a home missions church. All the busyness does not mean that there have not been gracepoints taking place, it simply means I’ve not taken the time to post about them. I encourage each of you to take a moment to assess your lives which I know are busy no matter what your occupation or calling, and make sure the opportunities of grace are not being passed over. In the USA I think we often buy into the more is more and don’t realize the power of one touch, one word, one smile, one connection no matter how brief or how seemingly fleeting in nature. I would also ask you to take the time to assess how much of your thoughts are being taken up with the flood of political brouhaha going on whether it is intentional or you have been taken captive by others who continually are purporting and reporting every new occurrence.

RAK (random acts of kindness) seemed recently to be in the forefront of our attention but I found few were ‘random’ as most were planned days for youth groups or other well-meaning people to go out and be kind. I am not anti this particular movement at all but if we are not careful it can make kindness a works based initiative instead of a lifestyle of grace filled living. I find that the works part of kindness must be the inner workings of compassion and identification with Abba’s plan of what humanity was created to be and do. We often get the doing before the being hence the need to plan and work hard at being kind and compassionate. When one is one does, it’s that simple. I have found there are times I have to work hard to recapture the inner life of grace in order to react in compassion and kindness to people who in the natural I would deem undeserving due to their propensity to be users and abusers of any and all kindness. If I am not filled with His grace then meeting people I would tend to assess them according to a natural scale of worthiness not wanting to “waste” what I can give to those who would simply abuse and misuse the gift.

I am exceedingly grateful that Abba is extravagant in His giving to the undeserving; for Abba so loved He gave Yeshua to show us the way of receiving and giving grace. I find myself wanting to cry at how we have abused such an extravagant grace; to stop writing and fall on my face in brokenness and shame only to have Ruach (the Spirit) remind me love breaks me and love restores me so I press on. When I am conscious of my lack and His gracious forgiveness and extravagant love the inner workings of my heart expand making sure that I judge others not by sight but by His example. When my heart is full of the revelation of His greatness there is no striving to see grace oozing in every moment and the responding to the opportunity become an instantaneous reaction in action. There are so many street people, so many lost in drugs and destructive lifestyles it takes a continuous heart striving to see beyond the “now is” to the potential of “what can be” through grace touched lives.

Gracepoints are not hard to find they are evident to a grace filled lover of Yeshua in every moment no matter where you find yourself. If you are striving to be kind please go back to the well of all grace and drink deeply to find that grace is a way of being and doing springs from the continuous flow of life giving water. If you are tired of striving, worn out with cares, inundated with choices it is not wasting time to stop and let the still waters of His grace flow over, in and through you till you find yourself in the midst of opportune grace. May your good works shine before all so that He may be glorified as He deserves in our midst.


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