Nature’s Grace

There are times that the natural world, which by the way is infused with His glory so maybe it is not so natural, enthralls me. There is a bird in the tree where our travel trailer is parked that does everything she can to draw our attention. She has become Gabe’s bane taunting him with her loud shrieks. Then there is a bird which recently got my attention on our walks that not only gets loud but flaps up and down in one spot trying to catch our attention. I know what is going on, these birds have nest nearby and are determined to protect their young. I have been amazed at what lengths and histrionics they are willing to go to in order to make sure our attention is on them. You could easily see how they are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save their young. I’ve seen shows of lioness who are willing to take on the male of the species in order to protect their cubs. On and on the examples go of nature being willing to face death in order to save their families. It could be debatable whether they ‘think it through’ or if this is instinct; either way it is an amazing feat of love. It is a superb picture of Abba’s intent as regards to His world.

These heroic acts caused me to think if these birds are so willing to go to such lengths how much more was our Heavenly Father willing to go for His creation. We know that He sent prophets, signs, wonders…to get humanities attention. We know that He was willing to go to such lengths to send His only Son not only to die for us but to live among us stripped of His majesty and to suffer while here before being raised to return to His rightful place. We know that He is patient beyond belief, merciful beyond comprehension and loving to a point which to us as humans seem ludicrous.

These particular thoughts led me further down the path of questioning why when something bad happens people blame Abba; or why when a storm comes and people die it is supposed that this is His judgment. If we can’t see that His actions prove one thing that He finds creation worth sacrificing for, worth fighting for, worth dying for. I ask the question of each of you who is reading this: what will it take to get your attention, what must He do to prove His love and mercy extended towards you, what are you waiting for? We must become His heart, His hand, His sacrifice on display before a world in peril. It’s not time to ditch and run or hide, it’s time to give it all we have modeling His pattern found even in nature’s grace

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