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We have been in a whirlwind of change and I have been negligent in write due varied circumstances no, accessable daily internet to name one. We have had many gracepoints so I am taking time to share a few today. My schedule is chaotic and I rarely have a planned out day or at least one that goes according to plan; sounds like real life to most who are in the midst of working, raising kids, in a relationship and of course working for the Kingdom. I have had some days going according to plan when someone ask me out and I ‘plan’ to be with them; what happens after that is up in the air. On my first girls day out Marsha and I went to eat at a restaurant where the boats are moored and seals are playing in the water. I normally don’t do fried but just had to have the fried catch of the day and of course chips (fried potatoes). We then strolled old town Eureka and some of the funky shops. We met a very interesting elderly lady who had owned her business of pre-worn clothes for years and I found out was a great Christian lady even playing Christian music in her store. You might think “what’s the deal with playing Christian music” well in Eureka an avowed ‘hippie culture’ it is not the norm. It seems the owner had even had someone who ask her if it was legal to play that music; her replay, “It’s my store, I’ll play what I want”. We chatted about many things and headed for the water again. We noticed a small group chatting not too far from us and then I heard a couple of ladies singing Christian music. I immediately got the vibe that they were out witnessing to tourist. When the group broke up the elder lady walked past us to sit on a bench but the younger girl sort of paused close to us and I took the opportunity to open the conversation. I told her we had heard them singing and she brightened and said, “Did you hear my testimony?” I said no since I was really not trying to be an eavesdropper. She is attending Humbolt State and was getting ready to go to Tibet. We had a “prayer fest”, which means we prayed together on and off during our conversation. Kristen was so encouraged with our conversation and prayers. I assured her that we would keep her in prayer and told her how she could contact me if she had a need. I told her just remember that the whacky lady on the waterfront was praying for her. She replied that she would remember the passionate lady who was not afraid to pray. I think I like her description. All this time Marsha and I had noted that an elderly gentleman had been standing watching us. Marsha wondered if he was upset with our group and it was really hard to tell why he was watching. We strolled more and noticed he was sticking with us, hmm. We met up with a young couple from the church and their children and chatted a bit; I noticed the elder gentleman had passed us but turned and continue to watch us. Interesting, very interesting; all I know is that whatever his purpose was he saw passionate prayer, and excited gospel sharing.

We have also been helping a couple who live in a car on a consistent basis, they have been attending most services since the first meeting. It would be easy to wonder about their motives: are they just coming for help, what’s their normal modus operandi, how far are we enabling their lifestyle…? These are valid questions we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves according to Scripture and we are not unwise in believing that many who want help will play the Christian card till the resources dry up. One thing I can tell you is we have prayed with them and for them and have seen the Spirit move them to tears. We continue to have open hearts toward them and all that they represent.

We have also had Chris a homeless young man that we found sleeping on the church porch. We fed him and prayed with him. When I ask him if we could pray for him he paused but I told him it couldn’t hurt and he agreed. We have not seen him since but continue to pray.

Next up Cameron, we saw a beat up car in the parking lot with the hood up and Dave went out to see what was happening. Cameron is a student at Humbolt who lives in a tiny (I do mean tiny) house to the side of the church. He told Dave he needed to change his oil and the drive in front of his place was too sloped; he then asked if it was okay if he did it in the parking lot. Dave assured him it was no problem as long as he disposed of the oil correctly. We pray for Cameron and hope to expand our relationship with him.

Mark and Loraine have recent begun to move into a house across street from the field that the church owns. It was Gabe that opened up the door of conversation. Loraine says he has the longest tail she has ever seen on a dog. Mark thinks he is a gorgeous guy. Gabe took right to Mark accepting pets and love. He was a bit reticent with Loraine it took playing ball to break the ice. Maybe Gabe didn’t like the long tail comment. In any case we found out they were from Kansas, bought both houses by the field and are going to live in one and rent the other. They have a lot of work to do just hauling off trash and junk before moving in. We have had several great conversations with them and have met some of their friends that live nearby. We plan on having a bar-b-que and have them over to cultivate friendship.

All the people I have mentioned may not come to our church and frankly our main goal is not to get them in our church but to touch their lives in a positive way which shows why being a Christian is the coolest, most wonderful life in the world. We want to be a positive witness, representing the Kingdom in a way that is not only attractive but literally will attract aka draw them to our wonderful Savior.

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