Memorial Grace

Abba never fails to take my breath away when He so perfectly orders our steps especially into a grace point. Dave was messing around the outside of the trailer in the RV park and an elder gentleman in a big rig next to us was getting ready to pull out. They had been chatting when I stepped out to ask Dave a question and I was drawn into the conversation as well. I found out that our chatty gentleman’s name was Dave, he was eighty and his wife had died fifteen years ago. He then began to list several people in his family who had died of cancer as had his wife. I commiserated with him in the loss of so many and shared we too had lost several in our lives lately. It was then that Mr. Dave told me that his son had died one year ago today of a heart attack at the age of fifty two. You could tell that he just needed to grieve with someone so I stood quietly till he told me the entire story. His son had been living in another state and called him to tell him he had gone to the E.R. and they had told him he just had indigestion and then called him back saying it was a heart attack. They kept him in the hospital over night and put in two stents the next day. He continued with the story of how everything looked better and his son had gone home to stay with an elderly couple in his church to recuperate. He spent one night with them and the next day felt better calling and telling Mr. Dave that he was good but they were going to put in two more stents later. That afternoon he laid down for a nap and when the couple he was staying with checked on him he had died. I could feel the grief of Mr. Dave, the ups and downs of his story and how sad he was that he had not been there when it happened. He shared more about a friend dying and on it went. Mr. Dave was remembering, memorializing his lost family and friends and I was by Abba’s grace the one privileged to share with him his memories, his pain, a bit of his life. I assured him I was praying for him and that he need not fear that tonight when the memories came from a year ago and the phone call that rocked his world happened; I would still be praying for him.

I think the gracepoints ministry that Abba has called us to is one of great responsibility but most of all one of great privilege. We on a daily basis share people’s lives, their past and their present and we try to share with them the future hope. Some people we meet have lived through such horrors, such loss, and loneliness that it is humbling beyond measure to be allowed to glimpse so deeply into their souls. It seems at a time when everyone is running around saying, “I’m fine, no really no worries, everything is ok…” that for someone to be real, to share the struggles with someone they have just met is a special gift. It also gives me hope for mankind. I guess one big thing I’ve learned from our street people is the curse of the garden is being reversed, so many people have come out of hiding and want to be seen, to be known, to be heard. We are listening, we are praying, we are doing our best to give the hugs from Abba that people need. We walk amidst people who have plenty and those who are deprived and found they all have one thing in common, the need to tell their stories, to be seen and to feel loved. Abba so loved that He sent Yeshua, Yeshua said He was sending us and the Spirit cries out, ‘come, the harvest is ready, there is grace enough for all’.

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