Dave and I do devotions together and sometimes we discuss throughout the day a certain subject. I admit I usually do a majority of the talking but it’s just that my mind seems to spin faster and faster when I think about something. Today we’d talked about hearing Abba’s voice, i.e. getting a word from Him. I have been reading a book by James Goll about basics in hearing from God and it is basic but it’s good to remind yourself that the way you are used to hearing is not always the way He is going to speak to you. Those of you who know me well know that I and a radical hearer and see and hear things in what some would call crazy ways, but it works for me. Today as Dave and I took a prayer walk leaving Gabe at the trailer, I again struck up the topic of hearing Abba’s voice. I was encouraging Dave to cast out into the deep and try the crazy way of looking and hearing a word. We have been walking this same circle path for four days now, several times a day and I had mentioned the sign before that says they are going to auction the land on both sides of the road; the date and time would be announced. Today while talking about different ways Abba gets our attention I again pointed to the sign but this time for the first time I noticed above the announcement were the words: experience, passion , results. Strange words to be over an auction notice; even stranger was the fact that I had never noticed them in all our passing. I turned to Dave and said, ‘We have experience, we keep the passion for Abba and His kingdom stirred and we will see results.’ Bam I felt this was the Spirit’s word to us today. You see in my life experience I have found that Abba wants to speak to us so much that He will use almost anything to get our attention. I admit the sign was not a burning bush but those three words on the sign were an attention getter and I stopped and pondered their meaning. I would encourage you as you read this word to remember that even when Adam and Eve hid themselves from His voice He still came looking for them. It has always broken my heart a bit at His words, ‘Adam where are you? Are you hiding…?’      Eli knew enough to instruct Samuel to answer the call of his name with ‘I’m here, I’m listening’. My prayer for each of us is to keep our eyes open, our ears attentive and our hearts ready to receive His word to us each and every day.

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