Learning Curve Grace

I am always trying to be sensitive and learn anything I can from everyday life. I also try to be extremely sensitive to the Spirit’s lessons. Over the last couple of days Dave and I have walked the streets, the beach and in and out of restaurants; I’m not really a people watcher but you can’t help but notice people when you are spending your days outside. I’ve been working on my attitude especially predilections in my views of events and people. While talking to a lady who finding out we were ministers tried really hard not to curse every other word I realized that I should not expect a non-Christian to ‘act’ like a Christian. It doesn’t mean I have to like their language but seriously I’m the one who is supposed to shine the light of hope and love not the blinding light of condemnation. I also know there are times when I can snap judge people by their appearance. I usually give people more than a benefit of a doubt, I tend to think they are nicer, smarter, more gifted than they often are. There are times however I for whatever reason misjudge a situation or person in that situation. There has been a lot of craziness going on about restrooms and personally as a lady I would rather use one that is only for one at a time to avoid any craziness. So if I told you I was waiting to use the lady’s restroom in the Lilac Patisserie and when the door opened a guy came out would you jump to the conclusion that he was not a nice guy without knowing the full story? Dave and I were walking Gabe and passed a lady pushing a shopping cart filled with junk something you see a lot of street people doing here; would you jump to the conclusion that she was a homeless person? The rest of the stories: I held the door open for the guy who came out of the lady’s restroom while His wife pushed his wheelchair. They were from Japan and grateful for my help. I stopped and chatted with the lady in the park and she told me she held AA meeting in the park and gave free legal counseling. I suppose she thought I might have thought it odd she was pushing a cart of junk and explained she was pushing it for a lady and it was not hers; at least not any of the stuff but the purse sitting on the top. The Spirit used these two situations to nail home to me that without the rest of the story the judgment is always in danger of being skewed. I’ve learned from our many encounters with people that they are not always as they seem. The guy who is always creating sand sculptors for tips is not homeless but simply retired and likes to meet people. Lee who is always smiling and complimenting people is a street person who was a psychologist who had anger issues and lost his job and family as a result. He took anger management classes and is now working on getting off the street and back into society. Rob with the snake around his neck is far from homeless because he makes good money standing on the streets letting people pet his boa while giving them info on snakes.

Scripture says not to judge, we grow up with certain prejudices in our thought processes and it takes a lot of work to really get the roots of those prejudices out. I am thankful that I was not raised thinking badly about different ethnic groups and we were never allowed to stare at anyone nor ignore anyone because of different appearances. We were taught to be gracious and kind to the elderly and to those afflicted. There will be many opportunities for me to misjudge but I hope that they become few and far between and maybe one day not happen at all. I would encourage you to step back wait for the rest of the story but even when you might not find out a person’s story which explains their behavior I adjure you to wait for the Spirit’s story. The person you are misjudging might just be the next Saul turned Paul, that crazy looking guy might just be a prophet declaring. “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world”. You might be looking at the next…

Abba’ cleanse our eyes to see as You see, our ears to hear as You hear and our mouths to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom that Yeshua came to seek and save the lost and no one is ‘too’ lost for His sacrifice to cover.

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  1. C'est une très bonne idée de proposer cette recette. J'y ai souvent pensé, mais comme beaucoup j'ai un tout tout petit congélo.Par contre, j&rn9;o#ga3ise une fête autour de la soupe à la courge et je me suis décidé à faire un fond de volaille. Est-ce que quelqu'un en à déjà fait? Je vais faire une soupe pour environ 40pers…


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