Kisses of Grace

Traveling can be tiresome and doubly so when it is the end of June and you are driving through West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. We left Fort Stockton, Tx Sunday morning with the wind blowing, not good for pulling a travel trailer but Abba’s grace allowed us to drive out of it fairly quickly. Sunday night we stayed at Wilcox, Arizona (drove straight through New Mexico) which was a nine hour drive. We had not planned to drive that far but the two hour time change made it seem ridiculous to stop sooner. I called a couple of hours before we would reach Wilcox to ask if they had space available and some shade and they said no worries; arriving at Miracle Circle RV Park the owner said take your pick of places you are gonna be the only ones coming in tonight. There were only three other people in the park so we had our pick. It had been cloudy most of the way there but for the past hour the sun had been intense and it was over 100 degrees in the trailer when we started setting up. Thankfully it started clouding up and then sprinkled a bit It is hard to believe just how much clouds help cool the trailer down. This was a special kiss due to the need to really let Gabe have some exercise; he’d been super good for the nine hour drive and deserved to stretch his legs. Another kiss was the dog park was really big and well maintained so we played ball for a bit. Due to the lack of people around we got to walk without encountering barking dogs which upset Gabe; his only challenge came in the form of bunnies. There were an abundance of jack rabbits and he’d never seen one before. I also saw a three foot snake but it was so hot it was heading for shade. The sprinkling rain felt wonderful even the wind picking up was acceptable since we weren’t having to drive in it! The extra big kiss of grace came in the way of cable T.V. I had read as a review of the park that the cable was fuzzy and you only got a few channels, this is not a problem since we rarely watch anything but Sunday night was the Copa America and Argentina was playing Chili! When I ran the scan only three channels came up and wouldn’t you know it one was the soccer game (in Spanish but who cares it was Messi playing). Now this was a above and beyond kiss of grace.

This morning we woke to a light rain and a lovely rainbow. The temp was cool and we walked quite a bit before setting out. We chatted with Stephen the owner of the camp before leaving and as we walked away he called out he liked Dave’s t-shirt, he was wearing the Texas to Trinidad one from my missions trip. I have been amazed how many people have noticed and really like the witness on that shirt (Thanks Tandy for designing it, it’s been a great witness.) We’d been up super early since our bodies were not feeling the two hour time change yet; there was still no wind we were thrilled to get across the barrenness of Arizona’s Interstate 10. There is still a lot of construction but we were making good time. Around Tucson it hit 107 degrees and it stayed there for a bit despite the clouds, can’t image what it would have been if it hadn’t been for the clouds. It hit as high as 111 before we made it to the Cali border. It was 103 in the trailer and I don’t know what outside. We did the setup and after it got into the 90s in the trailer we went to get gas and decided to grab a hamburger so we didn’t have to heat anything up. We then took an hour and a half to search temps and RV Parks that could get us to the coastline and cooler weather. We have a meeting in Sacramento and so we needed to stay within reach for that next week. It took over an hour and a half but we got reservations for a couple of places which would be cooler than here and take us in the direction we need to go. It finally clouded over and though it still felt like a furnace outside we finally got the trailer temp down to 85 after the sun started setting. It’s been tiring but we are so thankful for the kiss of grace along the way.

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