His Dime

Yesterday I was cleaning in preparation of leaving the house we’d called home for two years. I was almost through with the master bedroom when I found a dime on the floor. I heard the Spirit say, ‘this one’s My dime.’ Now in case you don’t know what it means when you say, ‘my dime’ it harks back to pay phones costing a dime and when someone said ‘my dime’ they meant they had the right to say whatever they wanted to because they were paying for the call. I instantly looked up and said, ‘Cool, Your dime means You are paying for this trip right?’ I admit I’d been a bit concerned with the preparation money that just getting started was taking and this brought me great relief. So today before we pulled out all packed up and ready to roll, a lovely couple became ‘His dime’. I was awed with their seed being sown into Gracepoints ministry. It wasn’t the fact that they were sowing into the ministry per se it was more that they had already been doing so much for us and this seed was not small. This dime was like the ones that were pure silver, our silver lining before setting out, woohoo pre-harvest provision. He truly does exceedingly abundantly above and we are rejoicing for we know every seed sown, every blessing given is equipping us to be a part of what we believe will be the great harvest of Abba’s heart, His dream come true.


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