Grace’s Wow Factor

His grace is sufficient, more often than we know He does exceedingly, abundantly,  above what we ask or think, way more often than we acknowledge. When the Scripture says: He perfects that which concerns us (Ps 138:8), we must at times be looking to see just how that Scripture is being worked out in our lives. Yeshua said, ‘In your patience you possess your soul’ (Luke 21:19). We say patience is a virtue but it is actually a necessity if we are to really see what is being worked out in our lives. I think I am a fairly patient person able to hold to what Abba has revealed; but what happens when you aren’t sure what He is saying, what He is doing? Well then if you are like me you are straining to hear, to see, to get it right. Could it be that the patience He is asking of us in these times is to wait to hear, to see, to simply trust that He is perfecting things?

Dave and I have been doing our best to follow His lead, to walk in the light which has been shed on our pathway thus far. We feel confident that we have been following His leading but now we are at a crossroad where we are ‘feeling’ a direction but not plainly hearing and what we are feeling would seem crazy to some (maybe most) people. Okay I freely admit I am sure that there are people who already think we are bonkers but such is a life of faith. I know Abba had warned me not to stop short at Haran but continue to the land promised. Haran may hold a valuable lesson or mission while on your way to your destiny but tarrying there can be detrimental. (Gen. 11 and 12) I know we have come this way for a reason and now we ‘feel’ that we must turn to move on further to an area where many would say there is no way for it to work for us, too expensive, too liberal, too obdurate to the gospel, yet we are planning to go this way.

I pause to look at how Abba has been perfecting things for us, how He has been doing above what we would have ask of Him. We are in a smallish RV Park as I have written about before. One of the few things I really don’t like about being here (other than train and traffic noise) is that they allow people to allow their dogs off lease, they do say you must be attending them but give people an inch and they take their dogs off leash and let them run amok. Gabe is dog shy when it comes to little dogs barking and coming at him, he wants to bark back which we refuse to allow, but mostly he just want to pull us back to the safety of the trailer. Abba in His grace to us has given us a space in the front of the park next to the exit (where we go and walk Gabe) and we rarely met anyone with their dogs and when we have they haven’t barked at Gabe so he is mostly cool. I have had them run at me and bark crazy when walking to the dumpster but I am unlike Gabe and am confident that I could drop kick the little dudes back to their site (not saying I would of course). Another super blessing is while here we have only had three people coming through park anywhere close to us and they were only staying over night and woohoo none of them had dogs to upset the balance of our site. Added to the fact that we have had a lot of privacy the three who have parked close to us have been grace points. Sandy was a grace point to me as I mentioned on facebook we clicked immediately and I spent time in her motor home happily chatting about various subjects. I so enjoyed talking to her and sharing our vision that this morning as we were walking Gabe and I saw her pulling out I was disappointed that I would not get to say goodbye. Here comes Abba’s perfection, she stopped got out to met Gabe and then we stood and reaffirmed Abba’s goodness, grace and provision. She is one of my heroes as a retired hospice nurse, I admire her dedication in such a worthy place of need. I had mentioned to her our feelings on where to go next and before getting back into her motor home she said, ‘I know you will find the right place where you are going, to accomplish the ministry you desire.’ Wow, loving how Abba sends one like Sandy, who actually needed some affirmation in her faith to affirm my faith. Just in case you think it a mere coincidence that she ended up here in her travels to met me, may I inform you that she is from above Seattle, she has never ever been in the South, she has never been on the East Coast, there would be no other place we could have possibly met but here (since I have not notion to go up close to Seattle).

We went to Fresno to church Sunday at the recommendation of a friend (one who I have not actually met in person) and the worship was perfect. Dave and I worship and pray throughout the day. We take prayer walks do devotions…but corporate worship is something that takes you to a different place. The musicians were good but what really put me over the top was they did two of the songs that ministry to Dave and I both so much. We then picked up a few groceries and (take a deep breath so you don’t pass out at this) for the firs time since being here we ate at Paneras. I know total shock. So all in all Sunday was a super day.

Dave had a grace point with the elder couple who parked on the other side from Sandy. He and the gentleman discussed many things. This couple was from Oregon and this was their first trip in their motor home. The man asked Dave if he could pull our Tahoe to a different spot so he could swing wide in order to get out, which Dave was happy to do. This was actually in a spot that we had wanted to park in but had not ask if it was okay. So when Dave started to pull back to the spot across from our trailer the manager happened by and said, no worries to leave it where it was. Wow without asking we got to park in a place not normally allowed which is much closer to the trailer.

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