Grace is Contagious

A recent grace point connection has multiplied beyond my first touch extending to others whom I have not yet met. An Abba ordained grace point (sweet Miss Ann) came by our site to tell me that she was so excited about seeing us again having been in the services in January, that she shared with her friend how wonderful God is. She told her friend that she had not expected to ever see us again and here we were in the same RV park; seems her friend became excited at how Abba works and told another person who in turn said she knew some people who needed ministering to. Before our sweet lady left she looked at me and said, ‘you get around without even having to go anywhere.’ Isn’t that just like Abba; we make a grace connection and the grace point becomes contagious.

This reminded me of Yeshua (Jesus) at the well after He had sent the disciples into the nearby town for food; a lady just happened by. How many ‘just happened bys’ have you encountered and not realized what Abba had placed before you? The Samaritan lady at the well just happen to have several theological questions which Yeshua mostly sidestepped to make a gracious offer to her, one of eternal value. You see we often get caught up in where we worship, how we worship and forget the One we are to worship and what He is offering us at any given time. Thankfully the lady at the well not only accepted the grace offer but became contagious and ran into town offering a grace point to any who would listen. When the disciples returned they were confused as to why Yeshua was no longer hungry. You see on their foray into town they had focused on a mission of physical consequence and missed all the hungry souls waiting for one of eternal fulfillment. Yeshua did not make that mistake though He remained where He was. My word to you today is whether you are called to stay at the well, or go don’t miss the hungry along the way while seeking to satiate your own hunger. Don’t value the way and where’s of worship, over the One who we are called to worship in Spirit and in Truth. Time to extend the Kingdom’s grace and you might just find out that grace is contagious.

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  1. I love how Jesus and his grace are contagious! Thanks for sharing.


    • Kathryne Snodgrass

      It is a joy to share how Abba is working in and through us. We appreciate your prayers and support. Please keep us posted on what He is leading your family toward. I know you have a heart for the Kingdom.


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