Go Bananas Or Not

Sunday we had a good time of fellowship with friends both at church and afterwards for lunch. It is always good to connect with those of like faith who share a passion for the lost. It would be a common mistake that many believers often make switching over to the mindset that once we leave the building we have left church and hence are able to let down our ‘spiritual’ guard and guidance. Why does it seem that we often strain in a church service to worship just right, to listen for Abba to speak by His Spirit but once having left this atmosphere we walk away from the spiritual into the secular. Can we as spirit filled beings really leave the spiritual realm and adopt attitudes or actions which are totally secular? I’m not speaking of going out and ‘sinning’; I’m merely pointing out that we can’t actually walk out of the spirit into the physical thus leaving behind the need to stay tuned to what ‘the Spirit would say to the church.’ We must remain those who have ears to hear and eyes to see and lips to praise our Creator and Heavenly Father in the midst of all of His creation.

Dave and I decided to make a run to Walmart to pick up some groceries. We chose Madera over Merced even though the Walmart in Madera is small;  it is closer and would take less time, or so we thought. We had a list, we checked it more than twice trying to see if this pint sized Walmart might just have what we needed. We did find quite a bit on the list and were pleased enough with having made this shorter trip. On the way to the register I picked up three bananas. I am very picky about bananas, I like them on the green side so I don’t buy too many at one time even though Gabe is not as picky and will eat the ones I won’t. We found a line which didn’t seem too long, something of a miracle in most Walmarts since it seems they like their customers sooo much they want to keep them in the store for as long as possible. We started unloading our basket on the counter and things were progressing well till the last item, bananas. Who would have thought that three bananas could cause such a delay even needing a manager to help with them. I mean really bananas, it’s not as if they are specialty items that have lost their tags or some such. The young man rang them up, or tried to, for such a long time I told him it was okay, I could live without bananas. He kept trying. I apologized to the lady behind who was not a typical Walmart shopper. How do I know that? She wasn’t saying nasty things about the mess up or making rude noises or even trying to ditch to a different line; she could have even been an angel her behavior was so understanding. Finally the young checker decided he would stop trying and all the sudden he noticed there was six prices on the ticket for…..bananas. Now he had to take the time thieving bananas off the ticket and if you guessed that he couldn’t get the bananas off the ticket then you win the ‘obvious prize’. Here comes a manager who asked what the problem was and the young checker explained that the register wouldn’t take the bananas because it was trying to scan them and weigh them at the same time and then it suddenly went bonkers and they appeared six times on the ticket. Six times three bananas were on my ticket. I was about to say, ‘just leave them already, we need to go.’ I didn’t and the manager started to work on removing the offending banana charges. I again apologized to the patient lady/angel in line behind me who simply nodded her understanding. Finally only one charge for three bananas was left on the ticket and I was able to pay for the groceries and leave. I’m really not sure how long the bananas held us up but what we thought would be a trip of an hour tops, was nearly two. Now you may be thinking okay how does a mess up in a Walmart check out line deserve mention in this blog? How are bananas spiritual? I’m not sure if bananas are spiritual, if the poor kid checking us out learned anything, if Dave and I developed more patience (or learned to opt to go to Merced next time), or if the lady behind me was being put to the test and passed for her kindness, but I did hear the Spirit speaking to me. He didn’t say, ‘go bananas’, nope He said, ‘you can’t scan and weigh at the same time or you mess up every time.’ Interpretation: judging by what you see aka scanning a situation often keeps you from weighing aka making a proper judgment in the worth of something. You might over estimate its value or even underestimate it. When we scan people while at the same time trying to weigh their actions we often misinterpret the person’s heart or their actions. We might esteem someone for something they did, not knowing in their heart, they were sullen and resentful at doing it. We might also scan someone’s actions thinking they accomplished them with ease and never know the sacrifice they made to accomplish them. Value can’t be measured at a glance, you can’t weigh other’s actions or reaction at a glance. So go bananas or not but remember Abba says you will be judged as you judge others. Be kind, exude patience, love without measure and I assure you, you won’t slip up, no matter how many banana peels are thrown your way.

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3 Comments On “Go Bananas Or Not”

  1. Awesome !! This is so true with our students at school. We sometimes don’t have any idea what they have been through before getting to school!!! Love reading your post!! Have a great day!! Love you!!!


    • Kathryne Snodgrass

      Thanks for your love, support in prayer and of course your friendship. We love you and I know you will be used powerfully in the days to come.


    • reminded me of the 3 Greek Moirai, Clotho, Lachesis & Atropos.This story has so many subtle rerbeervations in its, well weave, I think it could easily be expanded into a longer piece. Nicely done.marc nash


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