Generational Grace

Today I had gracepoints spanning two generations. I seem to have a lot of encounters in the laundry room and today I spoke to a mother and son at separate times. These encounters gave me the opportunity to assess what generational viewpoints were in this particular family. The Mom spoke of how hard everything was; living in an RV Park, having to taking her Dad to Chemo treatments, and getting laundry done. She seemed harried, worn out by life and willing to settle for whatever came her way as long as she could survive. She wore a Christian T-shirt with Christ on the Cross and I wondered if she really understood the message of her own apparel. I wondered if she understood that He endured the cross so she didn’t have to settle, and that He was not still on the cross nor was He in a tomb; He sits enthroned by His Father making intercession for us not to settle. It is my belief that too many settled in after sin entered the world accepting that we live in a fallen world so we have to put up with whatever comes our way; we are powerless to change our lot in this life so they sit wishing away their lives looking for a better one later on. Jacob (the son) came in and caught me singing, I don’t suppose he thought I was crazy because he started the conversation. His first comments were about the owner of the RV Park who didn’t do what was needed only superficial nonsense. Since I’m not sure what he was speaking about I just said I didn’t know much about that since we didn’t ‘live’ here. This opened the door to where we were from and where He was from (here or within ten miles of here his whole life). He spoke of trying to get his parents to move into a house since housing is cheap here and I agreed with him that living in a house did have an advantage. The conversation then morphed into where I was from, where Dave and I had lived and the many places I have traveled to. He looked with longing in his eyes and in a wistful voice said, ‘Wow, you’ve been all the place I would like to go to”. I mentioned having been to Bob Marley’s house which seems to impress the younger generation no end and he told me of a time when he’d gotten to see and even meet a singer that he admired. I smiled and told him that was really special. He never told me the singers name but said that he’d been on drugs and a heavy drinker till he met his wife and she’d said he had to stop and if it weren’t for her this singer would have probably died. I agreed that living a dissipated life could only bring one to ruin and thank the Lord for his wife.


I began to think of the two generations that lived in a travel trailer in an RV Park and realized that it is not age that causes such a chasm between them as in hope and hope deferred. Carrie had given up hope for now, wearing the symbol of freedom she understood little of what that freedom entailed. Jacob, her son, spoke longingly of wanting more, of a time when a dream had come true for him and thus the hope that his other dreams might find fruition in this life. Lest you think that Jacob’s hope is simply optimism of a younger generation, I would point out to you that Ms. Ann (90 years old) lives in a regular trailer in a RV Park, her husband has been gone for three years, she has no children and no relatives living nearby, yet Ms. Ann is striving for more. She has a hunger for more of God and wants to be more useful. She is an inspiration that while there is life there is a purpose and she is determined to live hers to the fullest.


We find our world in troubled times, bombings, mass murders, floods, drought… We are all living on the same earth, different manmade boundaries yet connected nonetheless by being part of creation. Humanity however has been given the job to steward the rest of creation and yet I find apathy, avarice, evil itself buried in the heart of so many to the point of allowing the most heinous acts to be perpetrated on the earth and among one another. It would be easy to give up, hunker down and wait for the end to come but thankfully, I find Ms. Ann’s along the way, I find Jacob’s and I find grace filled people of promise who are working steadily, inch by inch, step by step, striving to reach the purpose for all of us and for this world. The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. I think it would be a grand idea if we took off the T-shirts and put on the character of Yeshua so that others might see that someone is living the dream. The dream that if we strive with Him to do our part, He has done His already and things will be sorted. We don’t have to settle, we don’t have to just dream, we can work with the joy which anticipates the fullness while not settling for the lot in life that sin has brought our way. We can overcome evil with good, hate with love and find at the end of the day He will say, “Well done! You were good and you remained faithful. Come let us never be apart again”.



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