Gabe and Grace

What does Gabriel and Grace have in common other than both starting with a g? It seems that a huge shepherd can cause a grace point. We were staying at the Silverado RV Resort  a 55+ resort whose main residents are northerner staying there for the winter months. Every time we walked Gabe we had people stopping us commenting on his size and how pretty he is. One guy even asked us if he was part wolf since he was so big. A couple out walking told me they weren’t stalking our site just passing by a lot to look at Gabe. Having Gabe with us makes conversation easy. He’s an attention getter. Once while we were walking back from the dog park the groundskeeper asked if he could pet him. Gabe not only obliged in the petting part but licked him all over the face. This gentleman looked up and said, ‘wow, he just made my day.’ When was the last time you made someone’s day? If an excited German Shepherd poochie can make someone’s day by being loving just imagine what you could do if you showed Abba’s love to every stranger you met? For Gabe grace comes naturally, he freely accepts that we should overlook his rambunctious tendencies and love him anyway; he doesn’t particularly understand that people think he’s huge or pretty but he expects hugs and pets for just being who he is. Time to step it up folks and extend ourselves into ‘day makers’ for any and all we met; after all we have freely received His grace should we also not freely give?

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  1. I am reading your post and tears are running down my face. I am praying that God will give you guys a great harvest of souls. I love you guys much.


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