Extended Wows of Grace

I realized after closing out my last writing that I had not even come close to mentioning the Wows of Grace that we are seeing. I think it is important to share the wow moments which always come at such perfect moments. These moments may be times when we are questioning our thoughts and feelings, when we are seeing the mountains more than the God of the mountain or are just tired and need a boost to get beyond the mundane issues to see the miraculous. Today as Dave was researching the area of ‘feel’ he began to make a few calls checking out the feasibility of right place, right time, really need connections. He called a couple of places and to tell the truth they were so not even in the ball park of what we would need or even be available for what we were foreseeing that it was a bit of a let down. I then got a phone call and was able to connect with family which is always encouraging. While Dave was still doing his research I had been walking around outside still on the phone and found  the sun and life buzzing around me in general helped to invigorate my point of view. When I came back in Dave was on the phone and I could hear a big part of the conversation (even some of the voice on the other end of the call) and was getting encouraged at what I was hearing. Seems Dave made a connection with Matt a staff member at a church in the area where  we are looking. Grace point, intersection, divine connection; call it what you will but there conversation was way cool. Dave shared what we had just done in coming to California and what our vision was, Matt paused and said, ‘that’s amazing that you would call and tell me this because I’m getting ready to basically do the same thing and I needed to hear this.’ Seems Matt is resigning his position in June and going to Oregon and has no idea what he will do when he gets there just that Abba says go. He mentioned some things that the church he is at are in the process of doing which could help facilitate our vision as well. He also gave Dave the name of a guy who has been coordinating street ministry efforts in the area; exactly what we want to do. Later Dave found a place that could work for us to set up at once we get there which sounds as if it would meet the specification that we need.

Topping it all off we got our mail (thanks Kat) and it had a card which was greatly encouraging from two dear friends; we knew they had expressed a desire to sow a seed into the vision for Grace Points which in and of itself had been a blessing. Seeing the seed however was a wow moment, it was indeed abundantly above what we ever expected. It is always humbling when someone catches the vision and sows a seed, we do not take support lightly nor do we underestimate the power of those who pray for us and with us for this harvest endeavor.

Abba has continually given me the Scripture to be anxious for nothing but through prayer, petition with thanksgiving, let your request be made known and the peace of God which passes understanding will keep our hearts and minds through Yeshua.  I never want to err and not give Him thanks and I never want to underestimate the power of a testimony. I am grateful for the many of you who respond to our post and encourage us that they are blessing you as well. You see we are all in the harvest together and we all have our parts to do. So let us hear from you as you encounter your grace points, can you imagine the stories we can all share? It boggles the mind, like WOW!

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