Empowering Grace

Grace is said to be unmerited favor, merit is to be worthy of or earned; making it basically a works based premise of approval. When we really unpack what unmerited favor means we begin to see that grace in the 12th century had a more fully developed sense of unmerited favor, love or help. In the 14th century favor had the meaning of resembling, to look somewhat like. It seems to me that today we mostly see grace as the get out of jail free, or the free covering of our lapses in character and favor meaning indulgence. There is in actuality so much more than that to be gleaned from these words; grace is an avenue of help bestowed upon us by the love of our Heavenly Father and favor the ability to become perfectly human as He intended as Yeshua modeled. Grace is a way of empowering us to become who we were intended to be and the power to do what we were intended to do. Grace is not merely a covering but an impetus (push, motivation…) to the becoming as and doing as Yeshua is and does.

 Gracepoints for us is not merely showing people the gift of unearned love from Abba and the sacrifice of Yeshua which made it possible for whosoever will accept it but also to show people they have help/access to power which allows them to supersede their own natural abilities to become Abba’s children in the likeness of His Son, Yeshua.

 1 Cor. 1:3  I pray that God our Father and the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, will shower you with grace and peace. I am continuously thanking my God for you when I think about the grace God has offered you in Jesus the Anointed. In this grace, God is enriching every aspect of your lives by gifting you with the right words to say and everything you need to know. In this way, your life story confirms the life story of the Anointed One, so you are not ill-equipped or slighted on any necessary gifts as you patiently anticipate the day when our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, is revealed. Until that final day, He will preserve you; and on that day, He will consider you faultless. Count on this: God is faithful and in His faithfulness called you out into an intimate relationship with His Son, our Lord Jesus the Anointed. The Voice

Grace is not an excuse to sin, grace is not merely the indulgence of a loving Father bestowed upon His children, it is the Spirit unctioned power to overcome character defects and the power to do what is right. Grace is the call to more and the ability to achieve that more. Don’t fall short on accepting and accessing the gift of grace; He who is faithful has called us to be faithful. We are called to relationship with Yeshua (more than mere acquiesce that He is Abba’s Son) and we are called and gifted to model that relationship to the world. Seize the day and become grace filled, grace modeling points in everyday life, there is a whole world out there waiting for grace.



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