Desert passage

“Don’t you listen to him Dan, he’s a devil not a man and he spread the burning sand with water…” Okay I don’t know who sang that song but it felt about right today; only for us it was don’t listen to Dan. There have been two Dan’s come our way and they were both well meaning but one caused us to have tongue issues, not the one’s in our mouths but the one on the trailer. Without getting into the whole story the tongue wouldn’t raise up this morning high enough to attach to the Tahoe. Yeah, not fun trying to figure out how to shrink the Tahoe (just kidding). We needed something to hold up the trailer while retracting the tongue level and then putting something under the tongue level in order to jack the trailer up enough to hook the two together. Dave finally figured out how and where to get braces and tada the problem was solved. Then along came Don, not a Dan so surely he was trustworthy. Hmm, I suppose he was but I wanted to clout him about four hours into our traveling today. We had planned to bite the bullet and go toward L.A. and circle around and up to Bakersfield, this was suggested to us by a lady who felt 40 was too mountainous. Don said, going up Needle highway and hitting 40 was easy and then straight across I 40 to hook up with Bakersfield was the way to go. I specifically ask if there were plenty of gas stations since we would be spending much of the time in the Mojave Desert. He said, ‘oh yeah, plenty’. Right, I decided after a few hours of barren land, mountains, and wind that if I never ever went I 40 and never saw the Mojave again I would be happy and content. Dave did his usual wonderful job, mountains and narrow Needle HWY notwithstanding. I thought of the Scripture about going through the eye of a needle and took comfort that we were not ‘rich’ so surely we could make it through. Then I extended my faith that every mountain could be brought low, one way or another. Hey, I even asked for angels to umph the trailer to help us make it over some of the steeper inclines. It doesn’t help that in California if you are pulling a trailer you are not suppose to go over 55 mph. I don’t mind going 55 mph but sometimes you need a bit of a running start before scaling a mountain. It is the same with faith. You can’t afford to wait till you face a mountain to sudden try to build your faith. You must have been exercising it all along in order to make sure when the mountains come your way you can flex that faith muscle and have the spiritual umph to make it through the hard times. Another black mark on Don’s blotter in my book is lots of stations….really? We still had a quarter of a tank when we finally got to a town whose exits weren’t closed due to construction so perhaps you would think what was the worry. Well, when you are pulling mountains and the wind is blowing against you, you burn a lot more gas than normally and so I had to again turn to Abba with a, ‘I know You have not brought us this far to let us run out of gas so, multiply it in the tank, or whatever it might take to get us to a station.’ Just when we thought we were in the clear about 30 miles out of Bakersfield, bam big mountains, long pulls upward and even (seemed like any way) longer slopes downward. Dave again proved he was up to the task and didn’t ride the brakes or fly off the side of the mountains going into Bakersfield and here we are. I had managed to contact an RV park which sounded good and the lady was really nice and said if we could get there before the office closed no worries. We did and there was a Burger King only a block away which we walked to after getting parked. Burgers aren’t my favorite but when you have not eaten in eleven hours one will do. This RV park is nice, grass!!!!! Yeah, I’m becoming a grass kisser (cousin to being a tree hugger, which I am as well) after the desert especially. So now I’m getting ready to get cleaned up and then have a praise session with Dave for safely making it through the desert, over the mountains and in the wind to a nice place of rest…until tomorrow when the journey continues.

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