Crazy Grace

Grace is not crazy except when you think of how fantastic it is that “Abba so loved the world that He gave”…Unmerited favor, the gift seems crazy in this world of work for what you get, work hard and you get it all mindset. Today however I’m not speaking of Abba almost too good to be true, sounds crazy grace but how it is necessary to model such grace when you actually find yourself in the midst of crazy. Most of the day was normal, laundry, drive to the beach to walk Gabe, eat…it was when Dave and I headed out on our own for State Street to scope the street for grace opportunities that things got interesting. We decided to catch the tram again from the beach in order to save time and get more street walking done, we met a couple from England and chatted a bit; the tram soon filled up with mostly homeless I sat by a nice if smelly gentleman. It was when the tram stopped at a red light that things turned wonky; a guy on a bike rode up by my window and stuck his head in and said, “I need a ride down town, do you speak English?” I said, “Yes”. He replied, “Oh, I thought you were German” and rode off. Everyone just kind of looked at me and I said, “Do I look German?” The guy on the bike didn’t even have an accent and spoke English well; so why did a German need to take him down town? The homeless gentleman kept asking me what the deal was and I said, I didn’t have a clue. He muttered, “crazy”. The situation was; whether the guy was or not. I try to be gracious and not judge. Dave and I got off the tram and walked to McD’s I wanted a cookie and Dave was getting a pie. I was also needing to use the rest room and there are two which are dual use and both were in use. Another lady was also waiting for one. I was glancing around and thought I saw Kevin our Hebrew speaking friend but it wasn’t. Dave got our order and finally the restrooms were free, when a lady was stepping out of the one I was waiting for she stopped me as I started in and began a contorted explanation about what she had done in the restroom. At first I thought she was telling me she had clogged up the commode but that was not it. It seems according to her that her purse was very expensive (sorry didn’t look it to me) and since they didn’t have a hook she had put toilet covers down to sit it on. She then continued about how expensive her purse was and they really needed a table or something in the room. I am standing there her holding the door open just wanting to go to the restroom and continue our walk, she is determined to ramble. I haven’t a clue if she was a bit ‘off’, from another country, or really really had an expensive purse. When I assured her I was with her on the hook or table issue and seemed appropriately commiserate she finally let go of the door. It was then that I noticed she hadn’t just put down a couple of toilet seat covers but at the very least twenty, I mean a thick pile was neatly placed on the floor. I don’t know why she didn’t just throw them away but well, sort of crazy. Later as we were approaching the last leg of the walk a lady called out, “can you spare some change”? We stepped past her as we usually do before stopping and she made a not so nice comment. Why do we step past, to be able to get the money out and not make a big production out of it. So when I went back with more than change she was a bit abashed. I ask her for her name, Gina, and then if I could pray with her. She acquiesced and I prayed for her to realize the love that our Heavenly Father had for her and that she be kept safe and learn her worth in Him. She was receptive and told me she blessed me with a good rest of the day and the night. I thanked her and blessed her with a safe peaceful night sleep.

The encounters today were the strangest we’ve had, two of them I did not pray with but I was kind. I could not turn into a German but I could be pleasant to an obviously confused gentleman. To the lady in the restroom it would have been easy to have said, “whatever” and pulled the door out of her hands but I tried to really listen to her and her concerns without cutting her off, some people just need to be listened to not matter how crazy the subject matter is. Lastly Gina wasn’t particularly sweet in the beginning she was down right belligerent when she thought we weren’t giving her anything but grace won out and a prayer was said. I stand on His word that His word does not return void and the words prayed will take root and perhaps she will think before judging people unkind till there is time to respond. So glad Abba sent His Son and He doesn’t walk past our sometimes crazy behavior, He remains grace filled when we are complaining or whiny. I am glad in this sometimes crazy world grace still works.

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