Counting Our Blessings


No one ever said life was easy, at least not all the time. It is Saturday, that day between crucifixion and resurrection. We often look back and try to imagine what Saturday would have felt like if Sunday had not yet occurred. It is sort of like when we are going through hard times and we know that no matter what there will be a day when Yeshua returns and physical bodies will be resurrected and made whole; yet when we are stuck in a Saturday knowing that Sunday is coming, someday, which doesn’t always make things in the now seem good. One reason I have found that people get stuck in a Saturday mentality is they don’t stop and count the blessings along the way. The Scripture speaks of those who know the joyful (festal) sound that they will be blessed. I ask you is your lamenting louder than your praise? When the Temple was rebuilt some cried, some shouted for joy and it was said that the sound was so mingled that you couldn’t tell the difference. There are many voices in this world lamenting current circumstances while others are rejoicing in new births, new hope, new life; which side you will join is up to you.

I met a young lady in the RV laundry, she manages a Murphy USA, her wife is a nurse in a nursing home. I had no problem speaking to her about our mission, our calling and what I saw Abba doing in our lives. She began to tell me of her fears and I was able to share with her a time when I could have walked with a dreadful fear similar to hers but Abba’s gave me a scripture and I knew that there was no reason to fear and that dread left me. While speaking to her I strewed as many seeds of grace as possible knowing that Abba could and would send someone else along to water. I hope she felt the love of Abba in this encounter, I know I did. I pray that her path will soon lead her to the One who banishes fear and died to bring us back into right standing with His Father.

I also prayed with a young man with a sign saying, ‘need gas’. We gave him some money but as I took his hand and prayed I asked for Abba to lead him in the right paths for his future to be what it should be.

These two encounters were blessings in allowing me to extend grace to two very different people in two very different situations.

Two people stuck in Saturday not knowing that the One, who they don’t yet know, died for them already and is actively seeking to reveal what Resurrection Day means.

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2 Comments On “Counting Our Blessings”

  1. Rick and Terri Hughes

    Beautiful….I love that God is saying the Revival is in the people NOT the Place….You are living that Word….Love you guys! <3 I have lots of friends in California….Let us know if you need anything….We will be following you with Excitement and Expectation…..Prayerfully Yours, Rick and Terri


  2. So blessed to have met you two. We will keep in touch.


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