Attractive Grace

Grace is attractive as you will see in the following encounter.

Dave and I were out with Marsha and Roger a lovely couple from our church celebrating our Birthdays. We went to Seascape a restaurant in Trinidad, a tourist town just down the road. Trinidad is a cute little town built along the ocean. Seascape is built at the edge of the harbor with lots of windows for a wonderful view. We sat in a back room which had about 20 or so diners eating when we ordered, by the time our order came we were alone. We were enjoying the view and chatting about various topics when I noticed a young waitress (not ours) standing by the window seeming to stare out at the ocean but I noticed she kept turning around and smiling at us. This went on for at least twenty minutes and I even saw her laughing at something we’d said. It was not a mocking laugh but like someone enjoying our conversation with us. I suppose I caught her eye because she came over to the table and stopped. I’m not sure how the conversation really started but Dave asked her if she was from this area. She said no that she was going to school to be a doctor. This decision had been reached when they canceled the RN program at the college; I suppose this spurred her to reach higher. She then started chatting about how she wanted to take care of her Mom, Grandmother and finally said, “Well the whole family.” She told us she was from San Diego which led to a discussion of Southern Cali. We found out we had a love of Santa Barbara in common and she had lived on Mission street going to UCLA SB and worked at Victoria’s Secret on State St. which continued the back and forth regaling of all our favorite places on State Street. Somewhere along the way we mentioned we were pastoring a church in McKinleyville and she thought that was great. She had migrated to my side of the table and I noticed her name Evalani and asked her how she pronounced it. She slowly enunciated it saying it was Hawaiian. I said we actually had friends one was a doctor who’d been in the Navy who lived in Hawaii. She asked which Island telling me she had lived on Maui. Our waitress stepped in about that time and said something to her so she had to leave and on her way out I heard her say to the our waitress, “They are so fun, they are really great people.” We lingered a bit longer deciding to have desert splitting a couple of pieces of blackberry pie. One our way out the guys were ahead of us and I called out to Evalani to say goodbye. She came running over and I impulsively hugged her and not impulsively said, “I am praying for you and will keep on praying.” She literally jumped up and down clapping her hands and said, “Oh my God, you just have to come back to see me.” She then grabbed Marsha and hugged her. Wow, seriously I was blown away by her reaction and it takes a lot to blow me away during grace points. It was like the Spirit had primed her to the bursting point and then allowed us a private room to connect. She was so open, so excited and so very grateful for four oldies who were just chilling while eating. I love how Abba can interrupt an evening and turn what is fun to an eternal moment of grace. The best Birthday present ever.

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