A Very Present Grace

“How is it that you are here?” This question has almost ‘haunted’ me in the days since I was asked it by a lady in distress. How was it that I was there? It wasn’t a miracle per se that I happen to be there, but it wasn’t a planned or normal occurrence either. I suppose those words should not have had such an effect upon me seeing that I have seen the Spirit’s directing our lives so many times in strange and unusual ways. We have experienced some of the most amazing grace points which would not have occurred if we had not been being directed to be at the right place at the exact time when someone was in need or when someone was going to be open to a witness of His grace. This direction doesn’t come by accident either since we continually pray to be directed and to be cognizant of needs. One thing that I have to guard my heart from is hardness which can come with seeing such overwhelming needs every day. I must be wary of picking and choosing in my own comprehension who is ‘worthy’ of help. It is more palatable to help the nice, those who seem to be trying to help themselves but a bit more difficult to help those who are filthy in verbiage and visage. Another thing I must guard against is presumption that someone who seems to have it all together doesn’t need my help, somehow that they don’t need as much grace as the people of the street, when in actuality if one is lost, they are lost despite their appearance or station in life. Yeshua came to seek and save those who were lost; it is that state of being which must break my heart and then allows the compassion to flow. I imagine the thief on the cross might have asked, “How is it that You are here?” He acknowledge that Yeshua did not deserve to be there while acknowledging that he and the other lawbreaker deserved their punishments.

Perhaps the questions we should ask of ourselves every day is, “How is it that I am not there? Why did I not know? How is it that I was too distracted, too self-absorbed, too late?” I hear many excuses to cover these questions when speaking to Christians about the command to “Go”. Not all going will look the same. He sends us to different fields, we each have different giftings and talents but the command to “Go” is universal in scope.

I was so glad that I was able to answer the question asked to me by saying, “There is One who loves you and will always be there for you…”

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