A Sufficient Grace

So thankful for Abba’s grace in our travels today. We had a marvelous time in Santa Barbara, perfect weather, walks on the beach together and we even got adventurous and tried a couple of different restaurants and weren’t disappointed. Traveling back north the traffic was about what we expected; delays are not uncommon in certain areas and you just learn to accept it. Thankfully there were no accidents along the way. I was however exhausted when we got back to the RV Park and my sweet hubby ran out and got lunch/supper for us. Since I was really tired we took Gabe for a short walk and then Dave and I strolled a bit by ourselves in the Park; as we started to turn around Dorrie came toward us gasping. Dorrie has some addictive issues and she also has asthma apparently. She was gasping whispering, ‘I can’t breathe’. I looked at Dave and said, “Go find Roger”. I placed my hand on her chest and on her back and began to pray for her and try to calm her down. I could feel the rattling in her chest and led her over to a place to sit down. I kept praying and her breathing eased a bit. It was then she said, ‘Do you like God?” I answered I did indeed like Him. She whispered, “I do too.” Dave and Roger came up then and Roger took over the rubbing and saying, ‘Just breathe”. We said call us if they needed anything and left them together. This may not sound like something extraordinary but that we were even walking since I was so tired to me shows me just how much Abba cares for His broken ones. At one point Dorrie had gasped out, ‘How are you even here?” The whole park apparently knows we’ve been gone and it was blowing her mind that we were there when she needed help. The Scripture says a bent reed or smoking flax He would not despise; in other words He doesn’t spurn the broken and spent ones like Dorrie. I know Dorrie ‘likes’ God but I also know she is broken and because of that many Christians would look at her and despise her lifestyle. I am so thankful that Abba has time for the broken and makes sure when we are obedient to His leading that we too have time for those bent under an addiction or other problem. I love Dorrie and Roger and I really love Abba and am so thankful that Yeshua came for the Dorries, the Kathrynes, the Davids, the Rogers…and each of you. Are you struggling with something today? Have you tried to break free of a behavioral issue, a physical habit or struggle? His grace is enough for you and He not only can help you He is willing to help you. I know you’ve failed before, I know you may have tried more than once, or twice or…but don’t give up; He hasn’t given up on you. His grace is enough and He love you! In the midst of your broken times, your struggles hear His say, “Do you like Me?” Don’t stop listening because I know He is saying, “I really like (love) you too!”


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