A Buggie Day

Have you ever had a day that seemed no matter where you turned something/someone was bugging you? Dave and I both started this day having had crazy dreams, weird thoughts and disturbed sleep. The disturbed sleep wasn’t just from the dreams or the errant thoughts which plagued us in the early hours of the morning but from train whistles and a crop dusting plane which sounded like it was purposely diving at the RV park. Our first thought was is this going to be a daily occurrence, are we going to dream tonight of plane crashes, and how many trains can possibly need to go through Chowchilla? I took comfort in the thought that you can get used to constant noise, I had grown up next to a train track and had gotten used to it never giving the whistle a conscious thought. I also comforted myself that surely that little yellow plane had other fields to dust and would leave us alone. We have also noticed that the flowers being in full bloom that the actual bugs are abounding and I think lay in wait for us to open the trailer door and rush in. Gabe being a bug killer then thinks jumping at the flies trying to catch them is his job and it really doesn’t matter to him that he might just be crashing into something/someone in the process. We have enjoyed the cool breeze and bright sun which make walking a delight at most any time of the day. While we were taking Gabe for a second walk in the early afternoon, I looked out at the street and told Dave, ‘Hey that is a vintage VW Bug.’ It had a great paint job and looked really nice and just when I was about to comment how it had been kept up well it sputtered and died and the driver jumped out and started pushing. Dave immediately reacted and handed me Gabe’s leash and ran to help push, as he joined the guy at the back of the car to push the guy said, ‘I’m out of gas.’ Now we have paid for gas for people before, even on this trip we helped someone get gas but this is the first time in years that Dave has actually pushed a car to a station. Thankfully the Circle K wasn’t too far off and VW Bugs aren’t really heavy. I realized later I should have taken a picture of the Bug pushers but alas I didn’t.

My advice to you is when you are bugged emotionally, physically, or due to an outside influence beyond your control time to PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens and it never hurts to actually put your mind and back to a situation and see if you can make a difference in someone’s life. It is often easier to throw money at a situation but sometimes a personal touch is need to get someone else going.

Be a grace point and watch as grace is extended to you.

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